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Apr 24, 2020

With so much doom and gloom surrounding us today, lets take a look at the positive side of things.

Since being quarantined for nearly a month, we have had a lot of time for projects around the house, organizing closets, and catching up on our favorite tv shows. But, what about improving and organizing your finances? 

Now is a great time to take advantage of this extra time you have at home to make sure documents and other items are in order. When is the last time you updated your beneficiaries? Your will? Estate plan? Do you know what impact your accounts have taken in the market? How much risk are you taking? Are you leaving money on the table? 

In this weeks episode, John offers simple and easy ways you can start getting things in order - a small checklist if you will! John is still conducting business as usual and is available via phone or virtual appointment. Take the time to make your money a priority to ensure you have a solid plan to and through retirement!

Contact John today!