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Sep 11, 2020

What would you be willing to sacrifice in exchange for retiring ten years sooner than planned?  According to a new Finance-Buzz survey, a third (32%) of Americans would give up shopping for two years.  A fourth (26%) would agree to quarantine for an additional six months.  And 8% would even give up the family pet!  What does it take to be able to retire early? 

From the Article:

  • 27% would take either a second or a third job.
  • 25% would downgrade to a substantially smaller home.
  • 23% of survey respondents would be willing to forego coffee or alcohol.
  • 13% would take a job they know they’d hate.
  • 11% would give up TV, movies, and books.


Then - what are some common tax mistakes you see retirees make? 


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